IRS Audit Assistance

One of the most terrifying phrases in the English language may be “You are being audited by the IRS.” If you are the recipient of an IRS audit notice, the first call that you make should be to our company.

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Most taxpayers experience angst at the prospect of just talking to the IRS so call one of our professionals and let us contact the IRS for you. You will have enough to do to collect all the documentation required; let us deal with the IRS and save yourself at least some of the stress involved in an IRS tax audit.

IRS Audit Notices

If you have received an IRS audit letter, it is imperative that you do not delay in responding. It will not go away and you will need professional help to get the best resolution from an IRS tax audit. The tax laws are exceedingly complex and only a professional who is thoroughly versed in their intricacies will be able to fully represent you and provide the best IRS audit help when you receive your IRS audit notice in the mail. In addition, Enrolled Agents are specially trained by the Internal Revenue Service and are cognizant of the idiosyncrasies of the tax code and an IRS tax audit whereas an individual taxpayer who decides to represent him or herself does not have this training and expertise. Any money you may save by representing yourself will be miniscule compared to the difference in the outcome of an IRS tax audit when you are represented by our company.As well, when going to an IRS tax audit, taxpayers will receive more leniency when accompanied by a professional Enrolled Agent, a CPA or a tax attorney because the auditor will be dealing with a person who is versed in the IRS tax code and understands the procedures and regulations governing an IRS tax audit. IRS

Audit Reconsideration

If you have already been audited and the IRS tax audit did not result in a favorable ruling, you definitely need the IRS audit help of our tax professionals in order to request an IRS audit reconsideration. Usually, an IRS audit reconsideration results in a favorable ruling for the taxpayer, but most taxpayers lack the expertise to conduct an IRS audit appeal. This is another area where our professionals can provide tax audit help; an audit reconsideration will come out more favorably with professional representation.When faced with the prospect of an IRS tax audit, make sure your first action is to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals. Although there are no guarantees in life or in an IRS tax audit, having us provide your tax audit help is the closest thing you can come to a guarantee.

Provide your IRS audit notice to our office and let us take it from there; you definitely need IRS audit help and that is our specialty.So if you have received an IRS audit notice and would like some assistance, give our company a call and see how we can help with your IRS tax audit!