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We specialize in assisting Los Angeles area residents with all of their tax service needs including representing taxpayer litigation, criminal tax court proceedings, audit representation, foreign bank account reporting and bankruptcy related issues.

We have a well established reputation with some of the most experienced tax attorney networks in the state and can handle all aspects of tax law. Never attempt to deal with a serious tax issue on your own.  Always look for a professional tax attorney to help you with your tax related needs. Take a moment to request a free consultation with one of our tax specialists today.  It’s simple, free and there’s no obligation.

What To Look For In A Tax Attorney Service

A tax attorney is a valuable investment for anyone has issues with the Internal Revenue Service, with their taxes in general, or with the state department of revenue. Because U.S. tax law can be quite complex, if an issue comes up with one’s taxes, a tax attorney can take care of this much more efficiently than the everyday person. A tax attorney can do everything from help a person in the middle of an audit, help have fines reduced, and can help small businesses and those who are self-employed navigate the tax system. Thus, when it comes time to find a San Diego tax attorney, a person should take the time to find the right person for the job.

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The following are some things to consider when looking for a tax attorney in Los Angeles .The best way to find a good tax attorney in L.A. is to ask friends, family members, coworkers, and small business owners about their own experiences and if they have any recommendations. This is the best way to find out which attorney is best for you: These people have no reason to lie and will probably provide the most unbiased feedback about local tax attorneys.

Next, a person should research potential tax attorneys in the Los Angeles area. A tax attorney should have experience dealing with everything from the IRS to taxes to debt. These people should know how to work with people and should be a member of the American Bar Association. Thus, one can research these items on the Internet, via the newspaper, and through public records.

The next step, once you have researched customer satisfaction and the credentials of a potential tax attorney, is to meet with a few potential attorneys. You should feel comfortable talking with this person. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, then you should look elsewhere. Taxes are a complicated system: A customer should feel comfortable asking as many questions as possible and should feel comfortable disclosing their private financial records to this person.

Thus, comfort level is as important as the person’s experience and credentials.Once you have done your research, it will be easy to find a tax attorney. Los Angeles has a number of attorneys: all a person has to do is ask around, do their research, and meet with as many attorneys as possible until they find the right one for them.

Attorney Services

End Wage Garnishments

Did you know that the IRS can take a portion of your monthly income as a way of satisfying an IRS tax debt?  They can do this until the balance is paid in full and it may leave you with little or no money to pay bills or live on.  Wage garnishments cannot begin before the IRS sends you a “Notice and Demand for Payment”.  If you receive this notification, a qualified tax attorney can help you deal with the situation.

IRS Payment Solutions

An Internal Revenue Service Installation Arrangement or Internal Revenue Service Payment Plan is an alternative to an Offer in Compromise (OIC), and is for those taxpayers who do not get approved for an OIC in settling their financial obligation due to their earnings being expensive. An Installation Contract allows you to make month-to-month payments if you are not economically able to pay your tax debt instantly. The amount of your installment payment will be based…

IRS Currently Not Collectible

Being put on an IRS Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status (or presently not collectable) indicates that the IRS has figured out that you can not afford to pay the tax financial obligation at the present time by payment in full, through an installation contract or by way of an Offer in Compromise. When a taxpayer is put on CNC status, the IRS will suspend its collection activities (should right away stop any wage garnishment or bank…

OIC Offer In Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) enables you to settle your tax financial obligation for less than the total owed. The OIC program was set up by the Internal Revenue Service for taxpayers unable to pay off their Internal Revenue Service financial obligation due to monetary challenge or for those that assert the tax was wrongfully owed. In examining an OIC, the IRS considers your unique set of facts and scenarios based upon your ability to pay.


Being obligated to repay the IRS is one of the most challenging positions a person can be in. If your reading this, I’m sure you’ve found yourself or may find yourself having your bank account(s) frozen, assets seized, tax refunds held. This is a horrible position to be in. Knowing you have to pay the IRS but not being able to do so makes life miserable on a daily basis. I found a qualified Los Angeles tax attorney through reading evaluations like this and feel it is important to share my experience. The attorney set expectations in advance and timetables of what was needed. Their office followed up with me and was able to give me a new start.